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ST Math

ST Math -


You can now log into ST Math through the CLEVER APP. No need for an additional password.

Whether in the classroom, computer lab or at home, learning never stops with ST Math.

Direction for Use at Home - Click Here


Please note ***Important Guildelines for using ST Math at Home***

1. Please click above and read the Direction for Home Use Instructions.


2. A homework code is no longer necessary to access ST Math at home. The student will click on the homework button and enter their 13-character picture password. The homework button is the penquin!***You do not need to enter an activation code - please ignore the link at the bottom right of the screen***




3. The first time they access homework, the student will also have to enter the name of their school. Smith is AGN


4. Tablets - you will need to download the application as described in the Directions for Use document above. You will need to login to the app with the school name (AGN) and student password.